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Welcome to The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught and preached by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (please view the Declaration at the bottom right of this page).

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation and of repentance, is a primary focus of this web site. Everyone in this world, whether in or out of God's one true Church, needs this gospel. None can survive these last-days (or latter-days) without it. None can make it to the Kingdom of God, without adhering to this gospel and abiding in the commandments and ordinances held therein.

This is a call to all humanity, a call back to God through his plan and gospel.
A Call to All Humanity

Jesus Christ Calls A call to repentance and salvation. This call is to everyone, no matter the creed, color, belief or religion. It is a call to return to God. Have you heard this call? Some may have labeled this as the "latter day call from God". Do you know what it entails and what it really means to you in terms of the "after life", meaning the life after mortality?

Have you felt a draw to God? Have you begun to investigate religion for the first time and wanting to take a serious look at it?

Did you know that God has built his Church on this earth for these latter days?

There are so many people who actually have no knowledge of what God's Church entails. They look at religion in terms of and defined by the world, but rarely in terms defined by God. - Yes there is a big difference.

Some use the Catholic church as a template or as a reference point, which is a poor reference point. They praise God but deny his power, such as continued revelation which places man in complelte control instead of God. Yes it is true, when a church denies the power of God, they remove God from the head of the church and remove his authority to administrate the church. God's true Church is one that cannot exist without God's power. His power, for example, is one of revelation. This means he speaks to and communicates with the man "He" places as the president of his Church.

This is so true, God is the one that chooses the man who leads his Church. The man who administers God's true Church does not politic his way into position or seek "favour" of others or the world and he is also not paid. This says that God's chosen president, called a prophet, works voluntarily, without pay.

Few have realized that there is a drastic difference between God's true Church, run and supervised by him directly, versus the churches of the world that are built by men, not by God. Is it hard to believe that God actually involves himself in a Church? - Yea he does and it is a full involvement. It was the same way as with the original Church organized by Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

God is a real person, just like you and me. The difference is that he is an exalted and perfected man. He does have a body and the God that created you and me is the "Father". His son who died on the cross for us is "Jesus Christ". Both exist with perfected and exalted bodies. God inspires, he blesses, he hears prayers, and he offers his words to you to explain himself, how he works and what he wants of you. Read about how important this Call to Humanity means for you.

The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

Why did this gospel need restoration? It is because precious parts of it were lost or removed Gold Plates during the centuries of apostasy (fallen into spiritual darkness). We believe that the Bible is the word of God, so long as it is correctly translated or interpreted. In ancient times or what is called "New Testament times" precious doctrines were lost because of the persecution of the early Christian Church by disbelievers and the Roman goverment.

The New Testament of the Bible was not made from any of the original writings of the Apostles of the Early Christian Church, the Church that Jesus organized and gave authority to preach his Gospel. There exist NONE of the early writings of the Apostles. Long before the Bible was made, the early Christian Church fell into apostacy after it's Apostles were killed or died. The early Christian Church ended about 90-100 AD

The first Bible was formed by St. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, at about 367 AD.This Bishop was the Bishop of the early Catholic church, . At that time, the early Catholic church collected many transcripts and writings made by unknown authors who had recorded the words of the Apostles. This is likely followers and believers of the Apostles This Bishop and his believers chose what they believed to be inspired of God and disposed of the rest.
Gospel of Jesus Christ

This leaves to question as to what was destroyed and lost and what was politically motivated. In any event, the Bible was edited and changed again several times over the centuries. Some books that were included at first were removed and replaced with others, if replaced at all. In short, not counting the Greek to English mistranslations the early transcribers made, the Bible became what we know it today as the King James Bible.

With mistranslations and missing books and lost scripture, the Bible is not complete. For salvation we need a complete line of doctrine and revelation from God to maintian that doctrine. Since it was lost, God needed to restore his gospel to the world. Please note, this does not mean "reform", as many of the doctrines held by other Christian denomionations are not of God and called the "doctrines of men" and salvation does not come by way of man. These "other doctrines" are the thelogies of men, their philosphies and beliefs, nothing more.

Restoration means to restore what was original and this was done through God's chosen prophet named Joseph Smith, who, by the power of God, translated scripture written on gold plates. Read more about the The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Plan of Salvation

The Plan was made by our Father in heaven, who is our literal Father who made each of us. He made our spirits and this makes us his spiritual children, his sons and daugthers of God. In premortal times, we all agreed to enter into these mortal bodies to learn perfection and to return to the Kingdom to live with our heavenly Father forever, living in our heavenly bodies, the same flesh and bone body that Jesus showed us upon his return after his mortal death. Through the atonement, given to us by our brother in spirit, Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to return and live with our heavenly Father and become as gods, like him, just as the Bible says. The Plan of Salvation involves us and is for us. To read more about the Plan of Salvation.

The Call of the Prophet
First Vision
For God to restore his gospel as given through Jesus Christ, God had to choose a prophet. This is the pattern as shown in the Bible, where God chooses a prophet who he communicates through and gives his word. As a result, came "The First Vision", where the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. From this first appearance of God, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was born. God chose Joseph Smith before he was born into mortality, to be his prophet and herald in the restored gospel for the last dispensation of these last or latter days. The interesting thing is that the restored Gospel arrived by way of the Bible. Joseph Smith was an avid Bible believer and read James 1:5

Read more about the Call of a Prophet , and his First Vision. See why it is important to you.

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Book of Mormon Repentance through Christ is the only way to cleanse ourselves of sin and return to the Kingdom of God. It is because Jesus Christ, by his crucifixtion and death, he gave us the atonement and resurrection. The atonement gives us the power to overcome our sins, to correct our errors and wrongs without being penalized by God's eternal justice. This means that by God's grace, he imparts forgiveness to us by way of the atonement, saving us from justice and giving us the opportunity to repent and change. Without this opportunity and grace from God we would suffer justice against our sins and be forever lost from God.

In addition, the resurrection gives us the avenue to regain our bodies after death. We would loose our mortal bodies through mortal death, but regain our body, restored to us in its perfected state by way of the resurrection. To receive these enormous spiritual blessings we are to exercise faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized and enter his Church. It is by and through faith, we can exercise repentance.
The restored gospel of God, is the Book of Mormon, another Testament of Jesus Christ. This gospel, along with the Bible provides the fullness of truth, for these latter-days, being the fullness of times.

I testify to you, that this Book of Mormon is God's gospel, given to his true prophet Joseph Smith Jr. I say this as a witness which can only come by way of the Holy Ghost. For no one can say Jesus is Lord, but by the Spirit of God, and it is this manner which the Lord, our Saviour Jesus Christ led and carried me, line by line to see this truth and hold this truth deep into my heart and mind, my entire soul. This testimony and witness is not a belief, it is knowledge and experience of the truth.


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